Fuel cells and the Moon - interactive lecture for schools

On February 19, as every year on the birthday of Copernicus, the Division of Didactics of Physics and the Laboratory of Physical Demonstrations prepared "astronomical" demonstrations for primary and secondary school students. Over 1,000 students participated in four lectures.


This year's shows were associated with landing on the Moon, 50 years ago and inventions that the Apollo program brought: from portable TV cameras to fuel cells.

The lectures were also an opportunity to announce the great European competition "World of the future - the use of hydrogen cells" [link]. We invite everyone to participate, within the FCHGo UE Horizon 2020 Programme. 


The teachers commented on the lectures:

Lectures at the Institute of Physics is a great opportunity for young people from primary school to meet GREAT PHYSICS. They have a unique chance to see experiments that cannot be carried out at school for technical reasons (you have a richer base). In addition, the lectures are tailored to the needs of a young listener. Also, the place raises reflection - they are after all at the university, and this is impressive. I hope that in the future it will result in even greater interest in physics and choosing the right profile in high school. Classes are conducted interestingly. Students see that you can play with physics.
I have been trying to come to you for many years and this is probably the best proof that the lectures are at the highest level.

The lectues were organized and run by:

Dr. Andrzej Karbowski, Dr. Krzysztof Rochowicz, M.Sc. Mikołaj Karawacki, M.Sc. Waldemar Krychowiak, M.Sc. Zhuldyzay Akimkhanova, Eng. Katarzyna Laskowska, IMK prof. Prof. Kamil Fedus and prof. Grzegorz Karwasz

Photos: K. Laskowska

www:  A. Karbowski