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What is Mechanics? A part of the car which always breaks down?
  And Thermodynamics? A kind of aerobic, but in hot springs?
These are branches of Physics. Mechanics is a Science on motion, thermodynamics - science on heat. 
And what is Physics? 
- Physics, by an ancient thinker, Aristoteles, is the knowledge of Nature,
  i.e. on everything that you can touch. 
So I can touch Physics? 
- Sure! And everything what you can NOT touch was, by Aristoteles, 
  called extra-nature or metaphysics
So may I play with it 
- Sure! And you will certainly discover something.

Welcome in playing-with-everything-that-you-can-touch. At least virtually, i.e. on the computer screen.

(And what we can not touch, let's leave it to meta-physicist.)

Physics and Toys



On the Track of Modern Physics


 Didactics of Physics with elements of general didactics and didactics of astronomy

G. Karwasz, A. Karbowski, K. Rochowicz, ZDF UMK 2015

ask for a printed copy: akarb[at]fizyka.umk.pl

 Hands-on experiments: electricity and magnetism

Making toys multimedia