Innovative methods of didactics

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here are, in preliminary settings (before Moodle is ready) some of the didactical material of the above mentioned course.


Lecture 0: Programme


Lecture 1: Introduction to general didactcs (three parts)

Part I Comenius 

Part II Didactics: principles & methods

Part III Didactics: tools & goals

Case study 1: Laws of conservation

Short 1: Three functions in teaching


Lecture 2: Traditional laboratories

Case study 2Electrostatics

Short 2: "Czech" problems in Physics


Lecture 3: Textbooks

Part I: General culture  (and High-resolution ppt 30 MB)

Part II: Physics (and High-resolution ppt 33 MB)

Part III: Astronomy


Lecture 4: Neo-realism

Part I: Physics and Toys


Lecture 5: Hyper-constructivism

Part I: Constructivism & Cognittivism


Lecture 6: Electromagnetism


Grzegorz Karwasz

Popularyzacja - wykład w jęz. polskim


Part I Textbooks

[1] G. Karwasz, A. Karbowski, K. Rochowicz, Didactics of physics, with elements of general didactics and didacttics of astronomy.

[2] Rob Toplis (ed.) Learning to teach Science in the Secondary School. A companion to school experience. Routlege, Oxon, 2015

[3] Lawrence Lerner, Physics for scientists and engineers. Part XI "Relativity", Part XII "The Quantum Word", Jones & Barlett, Inc. 1996


Part II Sources

[1] Aristotle, Physics, J. Barnes, editor, The Complete Works of Aristotle. The Revised Oxford Translation, Vol. 1, 1991


[10] John D. Barrow & Frank J. Tipler, The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, 1986 

Part III Torun tex-books

[1] G. Karwasz, J. Kruk, Ideas and implementations of interactive didactics. Exhibition, Science Centers and Musea, UMK, Toruń, 2011

[2] G. Karwasz, Little astronomerin Polish, fragments


Part IV Popular and scientific papers in didactics

[1] G. Karwasz, K. Służewski, A. Kamińska,    Construtivistic paths in teaching physics


Part V Scientific papers 

Some papers that will help to understand some didactical "nodes"

Lecture 3: Solid state physics: Fermi surface




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