Nitrogen - common gas, uncommon cross sections

Under this tittle we (Mi-Young Song et al.) published a paper being a short review on peculiar cross sections for electron scattering on the molecular nitrogen (EPJD 2023)

These particular features are:

1. Low-energy (elastic) cross section going virtually to zero-value in the limit of zero energy

2. Huge (1/3 of the total) cross section in the 2.3 eV resonance region.

3. A high (15.3 eV) energy of the dissociation into neutrals, and surprisingly high cross section for this process.

4. A high share of the excited (and metastable) states in the parent (i.e. N2+) ionization channel

5. Long lifetimes of metastable electronic states

This paper, to some extent, is a short-cut to our more comprehensive review published in JCPRD.  


Cross Sections for Electron Collisions with N2N2*, and N2+ Editor’s Pick