The Dynamic Theodicy Model: understanding God, Evil and Evolution

W dniach 15-18.11.2023 zapraszamy na interdyscyplinarne Seminarium w temacie jak wyżej, na Uniwersytecie w Rijece, Wydziale Medycyny

Seminarium jest organizowane w ramach projektu Fundacji Templeton, realizowanego przez UMK i Uniwersytet w Rijece.

Prof. Grzegorz Karwasz wygłosi wykład "Man (woman) as a source of virtue (and evil)"

Man as a source of virtue – tribute to Mirosław Mróz

Grzegorz Karwasz


Usually we (the „society”, the man on the street and also churches) attribute the evil  to the devil: the angel who denied the divinity of the God, caused Eve to disobey the warning, and provokes us day-per-day to sin. This is quite convenient for human consciousness: the source of evil lies outside us, and we only fall into a temptation. Too much convenient, as it removes the individual responsibility. In this work we comment on Mirosław Mróz opera “Man in the dynamics of virtue”. We discuss, on the crossing between the theology and the neurosciences, that man can be, unfortunately, the source of evil, but what is more important, also the primary source of globally-spread virtues: the source of good. \

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