Climate, energy, hydrogen: lecture by G. Karwasz at "Experyment" Gdynia

 Climate, energy, hydrogen 
On June 5th (2023) prof. G. Karwasz made a public lesson entited "Climate, energy, hydrogen", within 2nd Forum of Pomerania Chemistry Teachers. The lesson held at "Experiment" Science Center in Gdynia.
The lecture was devoted to the questions of climate changes, world energy resources and emerging technologies, like the hydrogen mobility. As seen from the pictures, in spite of a serious subject, the lessons of prof. Karwasz are always full of fun.
The second part of the meeting consisted in laboratories: on Volta's pile, hydrogen cell, electrolysis, photovoltaics. Again, the workshop was interactive and surprising for teachers.
In the lecture some 60 teachers from elementary and secondary schools took part, in the workshop - some 15 teachers. Even the coffee brake was full of discussions. 
Organizer: mgr Anna Szydłowska
Photos: "Experiment" Science Center, Gdynia. Text: G. Karwasz