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Officially, the date beginning the Modern Physics is Planck's lecture in Berlin in December 1900, in which "quants" of energy are nominated for the first time. Quants created new Physics areas, like quantum mechanics and electrodynamics and changed our view, not only on Physics but on the Philosophy of Knowledge, bringing also new revolutionary applications, like lasers. >>

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"A-tomo, cioe in-dividuo" - lezione multimediale

Authors: prof. Grzegorz P. Karwasz
in collaboration with mgr Eryk Rajch, dr Damian Pliszka, dr Tomasz Wroblewski, dott. Mauro Brunato, mgr Andrzej Krzysztofowicz, mgr Anna Okoniewska, mgr Wiktor Niedzicki

Credits: Science, Nature, Physics World, Nobel Foundation, Curie Foundation and cited internet sites

Fizyka dla każdego