This CD-ROM contains the material prepared and obtained from external authors (as indicated) within the EU Science and Society Project No. 020772 "Physics is Fun". Part of this material was presented on exhibitions for teachers and students in Poland, Slovakia, Italy and France in 2005-06. Apart from that from external sources, this material is of free-use, on condition of acknowledgement. 

1. In the first part of the project "Physics and Toys" (see a separate CD-ROM) we present in an easy way some basic concepts of Physics, like the energy conservation or laws of the geometrical optics. 

2. In "Modern Physics" we show that Science of today is reaching far beyond the "scholastic laws" of the past. Still, the laws in question, new theories and great discoveries can be explained with the application of simple models (toys) and common ideas. Physical sciences should be understood, not only believed in.

3. In popular belief (and often in the media) Modern Physics tends to be associated with 'big' discoveries, like the discovery of new elementary particles, and with often expensive research work. Here we introduce other less popular branches of Physics, like Physics of new materials, and its new applications in biology, environment sciences and medicine. 

4. Finally, it is a great pleasure for us to introduce a project in which Science is not a static structure. Lay people can play with its rules and concepts, as many great physicists used to do. We hope such an approach will help us attract new enthusiasts of Physics.