Low-Tech kit educational path
Minds-on 40 simple experiments
1. Magnets and magnetic materials
1.1. Magnetic beetles
1.2. Magnetic dog
1.3. Magnetic materials
1.4. Magnets floating on the water
2. Magnetic fields
2.1. Study of magnetic field with filings
2.2. Set of toy magnets + fluxdetector
2.3. Magnetic sticks and balls (Geomag) + magnetic micro-fillings table
2.4. Series of compasses above a magnet
3. Magnetic interactions
3.1. Magnetic sticks and dipole magnets – attraction and repulsion
3.2. Tile of 5 magnetic rings around a stick
3.3. Tile of many magnetic rings in a tube
3.4. Attracting force: measurement with springs
3.5. Repelling force: measurement based on gravity
3.6. “Ski jumping” in a magnetic field

4. The Earth’s magnetic field

4.1. The unwilling magnet
4.2. Measurement of component of magnetic field with compass
5. Magnetic effect of a current
5.1 Magnets and solenoids studied with compasses
5.2  Magnetic field around a wire
            Oersted’s experiment – vertical version (Ampere's law)
 Magnetic field around a wire
            Oersted’s experiment – horizontal version
5.4 Magnetic force between parallel wires (Ampere’s experiment)
5.6  Magnetic fields from coils
  a) Field in the centre of a coil
  b) Field in the centre of a solenoid 
  c) Interaction between a coil and a magnet

5.7. Iron core (big nail) vertically attracted inside a coil
6. Magnetic force on a current - Lorentz force
6.1. Pohl's experiment
6.2. Turning effect on a coil (turning coil between magnets)
6.3. Electric motors
   a) Paperclip motor
   b) One loop motor
   c) Homopolar motor
7. Electromagnetic induction
7.1. Induced EMF and current in a moving wire (inverted Pohl's experiment)
7.2. Induced EMF and current in a coil (magnet is pushed into a coil)
7.3. Eddy currents:
   a) lazy pendulum
   b) electromagnetic brake
   c) the drunken magnet
   d) the sliding magnet
   e) falling magnet in tube of copper with/without slits
   f) soft magnet landing
8. Generators –  simple AC generator
8.1. Handle version
8.2. Shaken version
9. Coils and transformers
9.1. Core-free transformer
9.2. Different cores in a transformer